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Theatre Consultancy
Projects Summary I Australian Projects
since 1998
Lucas Walne Partnership
I With Joe Aveline as
Aveline Walne
I As principal, Leisureplan
  As Principal, Leisureplan 1974-1994
  Acoustic Advice
  > Southend Pavilion Æ
  > Congress Theatre Eastbourne Æ
  > Scunthorpe Baths Centre Æ
  > Saana National Theatre Æ
  > Barnsley Civic Hall **Æ
    Complete Theatre Consultancy
  > New Royal Academy of Music Theatre London
  > New Hawth Theatre Crawley Æ
  > Beau Sejour refurbishment Guernsey
  > Mechanics Theatre Burnley Æ
  > Robin Hood Theme Park project
  > Spaceport project Blackpool
  > Bankside Globe Summer Theatre
  > Entertainment '81 and '82 Exhibitions
  > Empire Theatre Blackburn
  > Opera House Manila workshop design Æ
  > St Albans Court Experience project
  > Morecambe Winter Gardens Action Group
  > Performing Arts Schools Croydon
  > Performing Arts Centre Camden Æ
  > London Festival of Opera project *
  > Expo Pavilion competition design *
    Sound and or Lighting System Design
  > Reading Hexagon
  > Wakefield Opera House refurbishment
  > Worthing Concert Hall Æ
  > Globe Reconstruction *
  > Lesbian and Gay Centre London
  > Curtain Theatre London Æ
  > Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre London Æ
  > Libra Electronics
  > Jerash Roman Theatre Jordan
  > Beafeater Inn Theme Pub
  > Ginger Group Salon Knightsbridge
  > BPIF Offices London
  > Leighton House Museum London Æ
  > Bethnal Green Museum London Æ
  > Royal Cultural Centre Jordan
    *   with Michael Holden
** with Alan Stevenson
Æ client was Local or County Authority
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drawing of lighting exhibit for Perth (WA) Museum
impression of improvements at a regional Western Australian theatre
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